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About Us

Medical Coding Training, Medical Billing Training, CPC & CPB Exam Preparation, and Account Receivable (AR) Training.

Welcome to the comprehensive training platform from Horizonmedtec, where you may get top-notch classes on Account Receivable (AR) Specialists, CPC & CPB test preparation, Medical Billing, and Medical Coding. Horizonmedtec is dedicated to giving people the education, training, and certification preparation they require to succeed in these vital facets of the healthcare sector. Horizonmedtec is the best Medical Coding & Billing Training Centre in Ahmedabad.

Horizonmedtece is aware of the significance of precise medical billing and coding procedures for maintaining smooth healthcare operations, maximum reimbursement, and industry compliance. To deliver the most pertinent and recent knowledge, industry experts carefully design and frequently update our courses.

Why Pick Us?

Expert Mentor: Our instructors are business experts with years of experience in Account Receivable Management, Medical Billing and Coding, Auditing, Practice Management, Healthcare Compliance & Clinical Documentation. They enrich your learning process by bringing relevant thoughts and examples from the real world.

Comprehensive programme

We provide a programme that is comprehensive and covers all necessary facets of Medical billing, Medical Coding, Test preparation, and Receivables management. Our programmes are meant to give you a well-rounded education and the skills hiring managers are looking for.

Practical Application

We are firm believers in hands-on training. To help you learn concepts and hone your abilities in a practical setting, our courses incorporate interactive activities, case studies, and hands-on training. Dedicated preparation is offered for the CPC and CPB exams through our exam-focused courses. We give you the skills and self-assurance you need to succeed in these certifications and advance your career.

Supportive Learning Environment

HTC Healthcare work hard to provide Medical Coding to Learners with a positive and stimulating learning environment. Throughout your learning process, our instructors are always available to respond to inquiries, offer direction, and provide individualised feedback. Join us right now to start your rewarding educational journey towards obtaining the abilities and information required for a lucrative profession in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and CPB (Certified Professional Biller) Exam Preparation, or Receivables Management. Start moving in the direction of achieving your career goals in the rapidly expanding Healthcare Sector.